Thrustmaster GTE Wheel Adapter PlayStation 4 Edition

SR Hardware’s Thrustmaster GTE wheel adapter allows you to remove the original wheel rim and fit a REAL racing steering wheel to the GTE plate and paddles.


These adapters are drilled to accept 70mm PCD wheels/hubs (the sizes for the majority of modern aftermarket wheels such as Momo etc). They come complete with 3 countersunk  bolts to mount your new wheel and longer bolts to fit the adapter to the GTE Plate.


(Please note, this is the adapter ONLY and does NOT include the wheel, paddles or base of the GTE wheel)


These units are not meant for the repeated mounting and dismounting of wheels, we are working on an alloy version with thread inserts for customers who wish to swap wheels on these adapters.





  • Multi-Fitment: Fits the GTE Wheel so can be used with any Thrustmaster wheel base that uses the GTE Wheel (T500, T300, TX etc)
  • Drilled to accept 70mm wheels/hubs
  • High quality construction with proper tapped threads
  • Complete with countersunk bolts and fittings