SPI-D v2 (Complete)


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The SPI-D v2 is a simple but stylish and easy to use Digital Speedometer. The unit is ready to use, just plug it into a spare USB port and install and configure the easy to use ‘Simdash’ software and your ready to go!


The SPI-D v2 also has a neat ‘Shift Light’ feature, where the Red LED can be set to ‘light’ at a given RPM point. The SPI-D v2 can also display a lot of other information including temps, fuel levels and more. You can easily configure the display in MPH or KPH in the software


The stand for the unit is made from Black Anodized brushed aluminum with stainless fixings and a tinted lens and comes fully assembled. It also features an anodized alloy back plate to cover the PCB. A carbon-look front plate can be added as an optional extra.


Out of stock

  • Complete USB Plug ‘n’ Play Digital Speedometer
  • Anodised Aluminium stand
  • Optional Carbon Look front plate
  • 4 Mounting Holes in Stand Base
  • Symprojects SPI-D fitted
  • Shiftlight Function (LED can be set to ‘Light’)
  • USB Lead Included
  • Easy to install / use software (included)
Front panel Option

Black Anodized, Carbon Look (+ £4.00)