Logitech G27 SLI-Pro Wheel Plate

SR Hardware’s Logitech G27 SLI-Pro Wheel plates offer a very attractive and high quality complete mounting solution for adding a Leo Bodnar SLI-Pro shift light array with a good range of extra buttons and rotary encoders to a standard Logitech wheel. These units come complete with buttons and rotary encoders pre-fitted and include the SLI-Pro pre-fitted and wired.


Like all SR Hardware products, these plates are built using only the best quality materials including high-tech acrylics, stainless steel hex head bolts and the finest 3M Di-Noc coverings. With its unique multi-layer construction, it offers a stylish and higher quality alternative to basic plates available elsewhere. All the hard work is done is for you, we supply and fit the buttons and rotary encoders (pre-trimmed to the correct length of shaft and fitted modified soft touch knobs), fitting the SLI, leaving you to just fit the wheel plate to your G27


Please Note:

You will need to consider and safely connect a USB lead to the SLI so that it does not become caught or ‘snagged’ and damage the SLI or wheel plate. This is the customers responsibility.





  • Simple plug n play
  • No assembly or wiring
  • SLI-Pro Display fitted and wired to buttons / encoders
  • Easy fitting with instructions (.PDF by E-Mail)
  • 8 High-Quality Momentary Buttons
  • 2 Pre-Configured Rotary Encoders
  • We do not supply software for the SLI-Pro as there are numerous options available. We do recommend SimSli  but cannot support software for this device.

USB Lead NOT included