Fanatec Wheel Adapter

SR Hardware’s Fanatec wheel adapters fit both GT2 and GT3 wheels as well as the CSR and CSR Elite, allowing the user to fit an aftermarket wheel rim to their Fanatec base. Beautifully made from a high-quality acrylic, they open up the possibility to mount a large range of wheels and even quick release hubs! These adapters are drilled to accept 70mm wheels/hubs (the size for the majority of modern aftermarket wheels such as Momo etc) and have a center hole for passing wiring etc.




It is usually necessary to keep the original Fanatec wheels PCB plugged in to the base units wiring for the wheel to operate. There are a number of ‘workarounds’ for this problem, but the simplest is to lengthen the wiring harness to the original wheel and keep it connected but placed in a convenient place out of the way.


Another is to strip the PCB from the wheel and box and mount it. We are also looking in to the possibility of making a smaller PCB that could be fitted in to a wheel plate also. However, we cannot offer support for this issue and the purchaser should be aware of this BEFORE purchasing.





  • Multi-Fitment: works with GT3 GT2 CSR and CSR-Elite wheels
  • Drilled to accept 70mm wheels / hubs
  • High-quality construction with proper tapped threads
  • Complete with 6 countersunk stainless steel bolts
  • Wiring ‘Pass Through’ hole in center