Fanatec GT2 / GT3 SLI-Pro Wheel Plate

SR Hardware’s Fanatec SLI Mounting System is a unique concept that finally allows Fanatec wheel owners to enjoy the benefits of an ‘on wheel’ shift light system yet still retain the original wheel and fit without drilling or modifying the standard wheel.


Built using our multi-layer construction technology from the finest materials and high-quality components, this mounting system breaks new ground in add-on hardware for Fanatec wheels! Completely pre-built and assembled, the mount comes complete with two modified Rotary encoders and SLI-Pro installed and wired!


Fitting the unit to the Fanatec wheel is very straight forward. We utilise a high tech ‘Adhesive gel gasket’ on the bottom of the unit, whilst a see-through acrylic plate mounts the top of the unit using the original screw hole for the wheel band behind the top of the wheel rim, making for a very secure fitment.


Please Note:

You will need to consider and safely connect a USB lead to the SLI so that it does not become caught or ‘snagged’ and damage the SLI or wheel plate. This is the customers responsibility.



  • Simple plug n play
  • No assembly or wiring
  • SLI-Pro Display fitted and wired to the encoders
  • Easy fitting with instructions (.PDF by E-Mail)
  • 2 Pre-Configured Rotary Encoders

We do not supply software for the SLI-Pro as there are numerous options available. We do recomend SimSli  but cannot support software for this device.
USB Lead NOT included