Evotek Club Edition Simulator

The Evotek Sym Club Edition is an innovative Open Wheeler simulator. More info soon.


Price on application – For more info contact us here.

  • Carbon fiber modular chassis with fully customizable colors and livery.
  • Painting of the lower chassis and handmade finishing.
  • Carbon fiber seat responding to the actual F1 rules.
  • Internal carbon fiber support structures for steering group and seat.
  • Evotek Motion System “A” archetype model: High Performance • Three rotational degrees: Yaw, roll and Pitch • Real time response actuators and controls
  • Active belt system giving realistic belt tensioning effects to replicate g-forces with 4 Evotek rotary actuators for individual control and F1 belts by OMP.
  • Fully programmable “Club Edition” steering wheel.
  • Evotek F1 pedal group: hydraulic and with adjustable position (by the driver) in stainless steel.
  • Direct Drive steering system fully integrated in the carbon fiber structure.
  • Evotek cockpit ventilation system fully integrated inside the seat ribs.
  • Electronics cabinet h980 for the complete control of the simulator including PC, UPS, Audio System etc).
  • Full HD 46” NEC monitors with self-diagnosis feature.
  • Vibration system equipped with two inertial actuators to complete the audio system.
  • Dolby 5.1 sound system with JBL speakers. Entirely separate channels for exclusive Evotek sound.
  • Support structure visual graphic (Goodkind setup). Quick assembly and maximum precision semi-static construction.
  • Simulator base, with double independent platform, black carpet, and carbon fiber frames.
  • Sym11 version Assetto Corsa Software. Licensed for private and public use. Updated contents and physical features of the car mathematical models.
  • Evotek specific software for motion control customized for the Evotek motion system. Exclusive F1 engine sound.
  • 1-year warranty for all the components (as in the contract). 3 years software updates, monitor, and body structure cover cloth.
  • Evotek Sym 027 – lead time 6/8 weeks