Evotek 027 Pro Formula Pedals


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Evoteks 027 Pro Formula Pedals are the result of many hours of testing to produce the most accurate replication of F1 pedal feel and pressures available for simulation. Designed to fit inside a formula type monocoque body, the units are made to the highest standards with the finest components to manufacture the ultimate, no compromise ‘formula’ pedal set.




The Brake Pedal connects to a Brembo master cylinder (pump) and brake caliper using special brake pads to accurately emulate the precise feel of an F1 pedal. The actual fluid pressures are measured using a sensor that is found in real F1 cars to ensure super accurate readings and long life. The pedal itself, is made from stainless steel to ensure strength and rigidity allowing for a long service life.


The Throttle Pedal utilises a position sensor now in use by some actual F1 teams, along with this linear sensor is an external coiled return spring. The pedal is made from aluminium along with the other ‘drive by wire’ components

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The pedals have been built to be incredibly strong and robust as the brake pedal pressures are also used to compliment drivers gym and overall physical and phycological training. They offer the ultimate formula style pedals with absolute accuracy in feel and pressure along with almost indestructible build quality.
Two versions are available. The standard 027 model and the 027 RP that is fitted with an actuator to power slide the pedals forwards and backwards on a slide rail, making driver adjustment fast and easy.


The pedal set is compatible with all software.



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