Eliminator E-Box


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With its composite layered construction and styling, utilizing only the best quality materials and components, the Eliminator is a unique piece of sim racing hardware. The Eliminator LCD can display up to five different screens of telemetry in many formats including graphical/bar and numerical implementations.


Add to this the 10 LED progressive shift light array, 2 shift point LED’s and 4 user-assignable LED warning lights and you have one serious display unit.


Fully USB Plug-n-Play – a powered USB hub (2 ports minimum) is recommended for easy connection.




Out of stock

  • 10x Progressive shift light LED’s
  • 2x Shift Point LED’s
  • 4x User assignable warning LED’s
  • 2x Buttons (for Sim screen operation)
  • 4x Rear Mounting Holes (Stainless Screws included)
  • LCD SimScreen capable of showing up to 5 user programmable screens
  • Measurements are approximately: H: 120mm W: 170mm D: 65mm