ControlR Bottom Box (add-on)

The ControlR Bottom Box adds a whole new level of function as well as aesthetics when combined with the ControlR Interface.


The unit is hand assembled using only the finest materials and parts, featuring 10 buttons, 4 rotary encoders, 6 toggles switches and 2 safety toggles as well as a functioning battery cut off switch (seen as a toggle switch by Windows)


  • Fits the ControlR Interface to make a ‘center panel’
  • 10 High-Quality Buttons
  • 4 Rotary Encoders with laser engraved roundels
  • 6 Toggle Switches (with pulse per click)
  • 2 Saftey Toggles
  • Battery Cutt Off Switch (functional, seen as a toggle switch by Windows)SB Lead Included
  • Simple Plug n Play… No software or setup needed
  • Expandable and upgradeable Modular System
  • Carbon Look, Multilayer Construction for a long lasting and super High-Quality finish
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