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Extended GTE Shifter Paddles

Extended shifter paddles for the Thrustmaster GTE wheel, made from aluminum alloy, precision cut and then formed and black anodized for a super finish.


These are perfect to go with our GTE wheel adapters, two sizes are available, Medium, for wheels up to 320mm and Large for wheels from 300mm and above.


Please check the size you need as the desired position of paddles varies with wheels and personal preference.

£32.95 £29.95
Custom Paddle Shifters / Paddles

SR Hardware are now able to offer custom made, one-off paddle blocks and paddles for almost any application. We can also offer custom paddles to retro-fit to G25 / G27 etc for larger wheels and specialist shapes in both black and 2×2 twill carbon fiber.


The complete shifter block assemblies offer the highest quality in terms of both finish and feel/operation, add to this our custom made paddles (to your design shape and sized to fit any wheel size) and you have the equipment to build the base for your ultimate sim wheel! The paddles are adjustable for the throw and tension, allowing the user to attain the desired feel and ultimate control. Four paddle blocks (F1 style) will follow soon, with options for further custom applications also.