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Tach Stand

Tach Stand


The Tach Stand is a simple yet attractive ‘plug n play’ solution to fitting a USB Revcounter to your rig with no fuss or messing about. The unit comes fully assembled with its own carbon look stand, 11,000 RPM, 5″ (125mm) Tachometer with a large red shiftlight and its USB board. Simply plug in the supplied USB cable and Power supply and download and install our included software and your good to go!


We also modify the Tachometer to improve its responsiveness and the unit even comes complete with its own individual ‘Configuration file’ made for each unit so its fully calibrated and ready to use.


The Tach has 7 colour backlighting so you can choose the right colour for your rig. We also fit a toggle switch so you turn the power on and off easily.




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Product Description

  • Complete Desktop USB ‘Plug n Play’ Tachometer System
  • Carbon Fibre Look Stand
  • 4 Mounting Holes in Stand Base
  • 5″ (125mm) 11,000 Rpm TypeR Tach (modified for extra response)
  • Large Programmable Red Shiftlight
  • 7 Colour Backlighting
  • On/Off Toggle Switch for Power
  • Power Supply Included
  • USB Lead Included
  • Easy to install / use software (included).
  • Unique Pre-Configured Calibration .xml file for SimDash Software
  • Power Supplies available in E.U. / U.S. / U.K. and Aus (adapter)
  • Full instruction Manual included (.PDF Sent by e-mail)
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