Seat Belt Tensioner (SimXperience)

Passive Belt Tensioning kits for SimXperience Stage Series motion rigs, designed for 4/5 point harness

The units feature Premium aluminium alloy construction with a black anodized finish. The twin solid stainless steel rollers are super rigid and are mounted on quality roller bearings for a smooth frictionless movement ensuring superb detail from both of the belts. The twin rollers allow for great lateral G-force simulation compared to systems that share a single ‘spring mount’.


The detail of both lateral and longitudinal g-forces that can be replicated once you have it set up is quite surprising!

The kit comes with all needed hardware to fit any stage series rig and is supplied with 4 of our custom made springs. We can supply 2 more springs at extra cost, but we don’t recommend them as this makes for very heavy resistance and puts extra load on the actuators.


  • High-Quality Passive Belt Tensioner System
  • Designed for 4/5 point harnesses to allow detailed feedback both longitudinally and laterally.
  • Black anodised alloy frame
  • Solid stainless steel roller for zero flex
  • ball bearing mounted rollers
  • Stainless steel fixings with red anodised washers
  • Custom made springs to our own specific specs
  • Designed specifically¬†for Stage Series Simxperience Motion rigs