GI-Max (Complete) v2

The GI-Max is a simple but stylish and easy to use gear indicator. The unit is ready to use, just plug it into a spare USB port and install and configure the easy to use Simdash software and you are ready to go! The GI-Max also has a neat Shift Light feature, where the display can be set to Flash at a given RPM point. 


The stand for the unit is made from Black Anodized brushed aluminum with stainless fixings and a tinted lens and comes fully assembled. It also features an anodized alloy back plate to cover the PCB. A carbon-look front plate can be added as an optional extra.







  • Complete Desktop USB ‘Plug n Play’ Gear Indicator System
  • Anodised Black alloy construction with a ‘brushed’ finish
  • Alloy Backplate to cover PCB
  • Optional Carbon-look front cover
  • 4 Mounting Holes in Stand Base
  • Symprojects GI-Max fitted
  • Shiftlight Function (display can be set to Flash)
  • USB Lead NOT Included
  • Easy to install / use software (included)
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