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G-Force LCD Pro (PCB Only)

G-Force LCD Pro (PCB Only)


The G-Force LCD Pro is the most advanced sim racing display available, designed for professional use and for users who require extreme performance and flexibility. Heavily influenced by real-world racing instrumentation, it offers a very high-quality image and fast refresh rate with it’s  4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display.


The Pro features 17 RGB (multi-Colour) LED’s in an 11-3-3 configuration allowing for a large amount of data info to be shown, not just an RPM shift light. The unit also has 32 inputs for buttons and rotary encoders as well as 4 analog axis inputs for pedals or paddles etc.


One of the most impressive things is that all of this is achieved with a single USB connection meaning it is ideal for use in wheels as well as a fully built display. It comes complete with a  license for our software, that is being continually updated and improved.



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Product Description

  • High-Quality 4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display
  • 17 ultra bright RGB LEDs in an 11 + 3 + 3 configuration allowing for an almost unlimited colour range
  • 32 inputs for buttons and rotary encoders
  • 4 Anolouge axis inputs
  • Single Micro USB for everything
  • USB Lead Included
  • Free software Included
  • Supports a growing list of simulations inc : AC, iRacing, GSCE, Automobilista, pCars 1&2, rFactor and rFactor2, R3E, GTR2, Race07. (more titles will be added along with more screens etc in regular free updates)
Additional Information

Additional Information

Mounting Bracket option

CSW Acrylic (Free), CSW Alloy (+ £14.95), Accuforce Acrylic (Free), Accuforce Alloy (+ £14.95), Bodnar Acrylic (Free), Bodnar Alloy (+ £14.95), OSW Acrylic (Free), OSW Alloy (+ £14.95), CSL Elite Bracket Alloy (+ £14.95), CSL Elite Acrylic (Free), Desktop Stand (+ £14.95)

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