G-Force LCD Pro (PCB Only)


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The G-Force LCD Pro is the most advanced sim racing display available, designed for professional use and for users who require extreme performance and flexibility. Heavily influenced by real-world racing instrumentation, it offers a very high-quality image and fast refresh rate with it’s  4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display.


The Pro features 17 RGB (multi-Colour) LED’s in an 11-3-3 configuration allowing for a large amount of data info to be shown, not just an RPM shift light. The unit also has 32 inputs for buttons and rotary encoders as well as 4 analog axis inputs for pedals or paddles etc.


One of the most impressive things is that all of this is achieved with a single USB connection meaning it is ideal for use in wheels as well as a fully built display. It comes complete with a  license for our software, that is being continually updated and improved.




Out of stock

  • High-Quality 4.3″ 480×272 TFT LCD display
  • 17 ultra bright RGB LEDs in an 11 + 3 + 3 configuration allowing for an almost unlimited colour range
  • 32 inputs for buttons and rotary encoders
  • 4 Anolouge axis inputs
  • Single Micro USB for everything
  • USB Lead Included
  • Free software Included
  • Supports a growing list of simulations inc : AC, iRacing, GSCE, Automobilista, pCars 1&2, rFactor and rFactor2, R3E, GTR2, Race07. (more titles will be added along with more screens etc in regular free updates)
Mounting Bracket option

CSW Acrylic (Free), CSW Alloy (+ £14.95), Accuforce Acrylic (Free), Accuforce Alloy (+ £14.95), Bodnar Acrylic (Free), Bodnar Alloy (+ £14.95), OSW Acrylic (Free), OSW Alloy (+ £14.95), CSL Elite Bracket Alloy (+ £14.95), CSL Elite Acrylic (Free), Desktop Stand (+ £14.95)