Fanatec CSW Dash Pro-Race SLI Mounting

Our Fanatec CSW Dash Pro-Race SLI Mounting plates offer a very attractive and high quality mounting soloution for adding a Symprojects Pro-Race shift light array with two rotary encoders to our CSW Dash. These units come complete with rotary encoders pre fitted and include the Pro-Race SLI pre installed and wired.


Like all SR Hardware products, these plates are built using only the best quality materials including high tech acrylics, stainless steel hex head bolts and the finest 3M Di-Noc coverings. With its unique multi layer construction, it offers a stylish and high quality SLI Mounting. All the hard work is done is for you, we supply and fit the rotary encoders (pre-trimmed to the correct length of shaft and fitted modified soft touch knobs), fitting the SLI, leaving you to just bolt the plate to your CSW Dash! A similar unit for standard CSW without our dashboard is available HERE


  • Fully Assembled Pro-Race display unit
  • Includes 2x Rotary Encoders with soft touch knobs
  • Laser Engraved red rotary ’roundels’ 1- 16
  • USB lead NOT Included
  • Works with both ‘Formula’ and BMW Rims
  • Ultra high-quality unit
  • Easy to install / use software (included).
  • Includes Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts