Evotek 027 Simulator

The Evotek Sym 027 platform is the natural evolution of the production Sym 026 system. The Sym 027 is used as the basis for the “Club Edition” simulator which is the flagship of Evotek Engineering.


Price on application – For more info contact us here.

  • Fiberglass modular chassis with separable “top and bottom”.
  • Evotek Motion System “A” archetype model: High Performance • Three rotational degrees: Yaw, roll and Pitch • Real-time response actuators and controls
  • Evotek std programmable steering wheel (or optional: Evotek Club Edition steering wheel).
  • Fiberglass seat (or optional: carbon fiber seat).
  • Evotek cockpit ventilation system fully integrated inside the seat ribs.
  • Audio system: Dolby 5.1 with Logitech speakers
  • Sym11 version Assetto Corsa Software. Licensed for private and public use. Updated contents and physical features of cars.
  • Evotek specific software for motion control customized for the Evotek motion system. Exclusive F1 engine sound.
  • Electronics cabinet h980 for the complete control of the simulator including PC, UPS, Audio System etc).
  • Universal monitor holding structure (or optional: 46” monitor holding structure)
  • Classical oval simulator base with carpet (or optional: simulator base, with double independent platform, black carpet, and carbon fiber frames).
  • 1-year warranty for all the components (as in the contract).



  • Evotek pedal group with two pedals according to current F1 rules.
  • Direct Drive steering System fully integrated in a sole module.