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Thrustmaster T-GT Dashboard

A new concept in simulator controls, the wheel based dashboard is a superior and immersive, yet simple way to add extra controls and realism to your sim rig!


Our Thrustmaster T-GT Dashboard fixes with 4 supplied stainless steel screws, simply unscrew and remove the hub ring and screw the dash on, plug in the USB lead and you’re ready. The unit comes with full instructions and is fully assembled complete with everything you need to fit it and go!


Thrustmaster GTE Pro-Race Wheel Plate

SR Hardware’s Thrustmaster GTE Wheel plate offers a very attractive and high-quality mounting solution for adding a Pro-Race SLI to a standard GTE wheel. These units come complete with a pre-fitted Pro-Race unit.


Like all SR Hardware products, these plates are built using only the best quality materials including high-tech acrylics, stainless steel hex head bolts and the finest 3M Di-Noc coverings. With its unique multi-layer construction, it offers a stylish and higher quality alternative to basic plates available elsewhere. All the hard work is done is for you, we supply and fit the SLI, leaving you to just fit the wheel plate to your GTE rim.


Please Note:

You will need to consider and safely connect a USB lead to the SLI so that it does not become caught or ‘snagged’ and damage the SLI or wheel plate. This is the customers responsibility.