G-Force Motion System



G-Force simulators are based on the time proven and industry leading SimXperience chassis. This base employs the unique ‘traction loss’ system that allows the driver to feel weight transfer and ‘drift’  in a full 3DoF (Three degree’s of Freedom). This is an essential component for ultimate immersion and driver training. The low latency, parallel tasking Sim Commander 3 motion engine software is the heart of the system, every aspect of the simulator is fully customizable such as acceleration, braking, lateral G forces, yaw, pitch, roll, rear traction loss, etc.. Simply put, the Sim Commander 3 is the most advanced and versatile motion simulation engine available yet it’s simple to use.


  • Unparalleled Motion Quality & Realism
  • Full 3DoF Motion (Three degree’s of Freedom)
  • Simulates Rear Traction Loss and Rear Wheel Hop (key component of race driver training programs)
  • Excellent road surface perception via 250 motion updates per second
  • Inline Dampeners make motion more fluid and less digitized
  • Utilises three SCN5 high speed 150mm travel Actuators
  • Simulates vehicle weight transfer in addition to road texture and G-Forces
  • Real-time customisable motion profiles can be tuned to represent any vehicle with ease
  • Modular upgrade options make your purchase ‘future proof’
  • High grade construction and components make it suitable for corporate and commercial use
  • Professional after sales care


G-Force simulators offer one of the most advanced and immersive simulations available anywhere at any price.

Let SR Hardware take your simulation to the next level with one of our G-Force Motion Simulator’s!