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A to Mini USB Cable

High-quality A to Mini-USB cable for connecting devices to your PC

A to B USB Cable

High-quality A to B (Printer type cable) for connecting devices to your PC

SLI Mounting kits

A simple but complete bolt fitting kit suitable for both Leo Bodnar’s SLI-Pro and SLI-M shift light arrays. Consisting of high-quality stainless steel cap head bolts,
stainless nuts, washers and poly spacers to protect your board when tightening the fasteners.


No more searching for the right fasteners or using inferior parts or wood screws! We even include a suitable Allen Key.



Logitech G25 Heel ‘n Toe Kits

A must have kit for Heel ‘n’ Toe drivers using Logitech’s G25 pedals. This complete and simple kit allows users to raise the brake (or any other) pedal from 1mm to 20mm in 1mm increments.


The kit contains 6 x 3mm and 2 x 1mm beautifully laser cut spacers and a selection of twelve high-quality stainless steel countersunk cap head bolts in various lengths to suit (plus 4 more standard length stainless bolts to replace the originals on the gas/clutch pedals too), with the appropriate Allen key.